Bytown Antique & Bottle Club

2009 Picture - Colour

Welcome to the Bytown Antique & Bottle Club

glassblower, pipe, molten glassThe Bytown Antique and Bottle Club (BABC) is the successor to the Bytown Bottle Seekers’ Club.  The latter was founded in 1970.  The Club has remained active to this day.  It is open to collectors and those who are interested in antiques and collectibles.  The Club welcomes new members, and guests of members (some conditions apply).  Current members come from Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding communities.  The Club has a core group of members who are interested in collecting antique bottles such as ginger beers, black glass, milks, sodas, medicines, inks, redware, stoneware and carboys.  Club members also collect antique furniture, textiles, maps, oil lamps, insulators, paperweights, glassware, decoys, advertising and nostalgic items.  Members obtain their collectibles by attending shows, auctions, shopping online, trading, buying privately and even digging or scuba diving for them.

The man in the image is a glassblower, he is blowing through a blowpipe and is inflating molten glass into a bubble.  Glass bottles were made using this free blown technique, or were blown into molds.  This image was the original logo used by the Bytown Bottle Seekers’ Club.